10in DSC Barracuda Class Swinging Ladder Dredge


This 10in DSC Barracuda Class Swinging Ladder Dredge just recently hit the market and is ready to go.

These dredges are often called the “Contractors Dream Machine” and it’s for good reason.  They are able to perform a wide variety of jobs that a strictly conventional dredge is not always capable of doing.  The ability to work without cables in swinging ladder mode, or with cables in conventional mode, allows for maximum efficiency at all times.

Cat C15 with 5,600 hrs, 12x10x32in Metso Pump, 20ft Digging Depth

There’s been quite a few upgrades made to this machine including:

  • Brand new, never used entire hydraulic system. All valves, components and hoses replaced and installed by DSC.
  • Brand new, never used DSC installed and upgraded electrical system with touch screen iPad controls. All new wiring and programming.
  • Brand new, never used winches and hydraulic cylinders.
  • Brand new DredgePack hardware, software & laptop.
  • 5′ traveling spud manufactured by DSC.
  • Brand new DSC automated flow meter.
  • DSC Vision that allows for remote login for USACE DQM data compilation and servicing.
  • CAT installed external cutoff controls and engine monitoring.
  • USACE compliant dredge including handrails, brand new bilge pumps and alarms.